Mohammed Ali Pasha Cruise
A luxury cruise dinner in Bosphorus Strait with elegant entertaining performances mixed between Damascene and Turkish cultures ..
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Mohammed Ali Pasha Cruise
Invite your family members and friends to enjoy unforgettable sea trip and create happy memories about the Damascene and Turkish beauty
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Mohammed Ali Pasha Cruise
Enjoy the tastiest Damascene foods aboard Mohammed Ali Pasha cruise in Bosphorus Strait
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A Luxury Cruise Dinner in Istanbul

Our restaurant is one of the most elegant sea restaurants in the longest strait in the world (Bosporus). We accompany you on luxurious cruise dinner with unforgettable musical plays and folkloric shows that reveal 2000 years of Ottoman and Damascene heritage

Mohammed Ali Pasha Restaurant

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The Ticket Includes

  • Unforgettable Cruise for 3 Hours in Bosphorus Strait
  • Open Buffet Including 7 Main Courses and 8 Appetizers
  • Whirling Dervish Show
  • Elegant Ottoman and Levantine and DJ Music
  • Special Visual and Magic Tricks
  • Turkish Trabzon Dabke
  • And Various Elegant Art Show
  • Payment Are Accepted Cash During The Trip
Limited Time

One Place For All The Family Members

Elegant artistic, folkloric, and heritage shows
Whirling Dervish show
Turkish, Andalusian, and DJ music
Traditional Dabkeh and Aradah
Original Trabzon Turkish Dance
Magic tricks and circus shows
Ajami decor reflecting a 2000 years civilization

15 Eastern & Western Elegant Dishes

Our restaurant introduces charming combination of the freshest ingredients, herbs, and spices. Our secretive recipe renders the menu original, exotic, yet appeals to all tastes, minds, and diets.

Unique Service & Various Facilities

Ali Pasha Ship is distinguished by the superior service provided by a qualified cadre speaking Arabic, English, and Turkish to offer convenience for our respectful clients. It’s also distinguished by our open-air buffet, a dedicated place for Narghileh, special toilets for newborns

Departure Adderss
Cibali Mahallesi, Abdülezelpaşa Cd. 2 A, 34083 Fatih/İstanbul - (At the Beginning of Balat Park) - Daily at 8:30 pm
Transportation are available from city centers
We offer you free transportation from Aksaray square and Taksim square with fully equipped vehicles to ensure your convenience. To request the service kindly contact us early on +905522500044
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Mohammed Ali Pasha Restaurant
The luxurious Arabic cruise dinner and the sole to depart from Haliç to ensure you see the most beautiful places in Istanbul

Cibali Mahallesi, Abdülezelpaşa Cd. 2 A, 34083 Fatih/İstanbul (At the Beginning of Balat Park)
Daily at 8:30 pm